The stockflow of SDF is the ultimate stock management solution, creating flow in your warehouse or distribution site. With this software, you are able to manage both your plants and other stock items in real time.

The stockflow of SDF keeps track of your physical stocks on the shop floor in addition to your saleable quantities. That way, your warehouse employee knows where everything is and always finds what they need. With the convenient ‘Warehouse Controller’ app, you can see what the stock balance is, and reorder immediately if necessary.

Complete overview

Your order process has also been considered. Smart packing slips that take into account the running order through your warehouse mean you will always run the optimal route, maximising your precious time.

From your SDF package, you maintain an overview of the entire process. Both saleable stock, physical stock, stock at production sites, and what is on its way to your stock location; everything is accurately tracked and clearly displayed in the Warehouse Manager.

The stockflow of SDF is structured of the following components:

  • Warehouse Manager Plants
  • Warehouse Manager TGW (values added)
  • Warehouse Manager Carts
  • Warehouse Manager Barrels

Curious about the possibilities for your company?